scenes from the season

scenes from the season

Another Christmas, another lovely time with the family. I had high hopes that this Christmas would be a time we really made good on serving others and helped the kids feel some joy in giving, rather than merely anticipating opening gifts. It didn’t go exactly as I had hoped, but we did spend a few hours on Christmas Eve delivering gifts before heading to the city. We had hoped to catch a pageant, but missed it and ended up walking through Central Park instead. We hopped a train after that and went caroling at Washington Square Park, then back to our place for hot chocolate. At the end of the day, even though it was wet and rainy and we’d been out all day, we all agreed it was a pretty magical.

And Christmas itself wasn’t all that bad either. It is nice to have just our little family, to have only our own expectations to fulfill, only our own time to spend. And then, our own home to open to friends for dinner.

It may not have turned out as I had originally hoped, but then again, I couldn’t have planned it better. 


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