crazy December

crazy December

Oh December. I lovehate you so. I’m trying to think of one experience inspired by that photos on my phone to sum things up.

There’s this one of the penguin pancakes, which Micah made for the kids after Simon wrote a nice note requesting them for breakfast ASAP, accompanied by the picture from his Ranger Rick magazine. This would demonstrate the parental instinct to make magic happen, no matter the tediousness of the project.

There’s also this photo of Elsa, lying on the floor of our apartment building. She had been my partner in running errands all week and had taken most of her naps in the stroller or on the bike. We had sent packages at the post office that day. (There were more than 20 people in line when we got there, and only two windows open . . . the Christmas miracle was that not only were people not grossed out and rude about the fact that Elsa kept lying on the floor, they were kind and understanding about it. There was for sure a lot of charity happening in that tiny post office.) We had also biked to Costco and picked up LOTS of groceries. Elsa fell asleep within a few blocks of home and slept while I unloaded the bike, got everything into the elevator, unloaded the elevator, and put everything away. I did eventually have to wake her up so we could go get the boys. But, yes. December.

This other photo of Elsa, or rather of her artistically adorned arms, is a good one too. This would be a testimony to the distractibility of her mother. (But then again, she does this all the time, as you would know if you saw how many pairs of her pajamas have sharpie on them. So maybe I can’t blame December for that.)

The photo of our Christmas tree on our bike is classic Heiselt. This is how we roll, people. Micah rode the Firebolt home while I took the kids on the bus. He beat us by a long shot. But we had a great time trying to decide whether or not we should walk to the next bus stop just to keep busy.

Finally, there’s this nice one of Oliver sick in bed while Elsa watches over him. Oliver’s class celebration was earlier that day. All the families were invited to see all their work from their Family study at school. I took him straight home since he had a fever, and both the kids napped while I participated in a conversation on HuffPost Live about stress during the holiday season. It seemed pretty representative of life in December, doing the best you can in the time you have . . . again and again and again.

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