post it people

post it people

For months—basically since we moved in to our new place—I’ve been meaning to share some of the projects Micah has pulled off. Like building a kitchen “peninsula,” complete with concrete countertop. (Or the illusion of a concrete countertop.) Or the office-closet where I am typing this right now. Or the “fauxdenza” that gives us the feeling of sophistication at IKEA pricing.

But right now I’m just going to share his latest hobby: post-it people. Which he draws in spare moments at work. I just love how different they are. And that they are just lines.

I keep thinking he can take this big somehow—you know, make a brand out of it, put them on posters and t-shirts and throw pillows. (But then, what couldn’the take big if there were 72 hours in a day?) Then again, it’s kind of nice that it’s just small. That they are just small.

And I’d love to hear: which is your favorite?

6 thoughts on “post it people

  1. These are awesome. My favorite is that little boy with the big glasses, but I don’t know, I’m also totally digging that old man with the white hair. :)

  2. I love the lady holding her fan and the cat. I didn’t realize they were drawn on post-it notes!!! How cool is that?! I’m also a fan of the curly haired, angry athlete. Such a story packed into that tiny little space.

  3. I love numbers 1 and 6. The office guy and the off-duty Santa (as he looks to me). I agree with Becca. So much story and drama in such a little space and sparse materials (just a post-it! Just pen lines!)

  4. Number 7 is my favorite, closely followed by number 1. Maybe because they seem the most like real people you might meet on the street.

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