still learning

still learning

Last Sunday morning I got a bunch of e-mails/tweets/facebook messages etc. from someone who worked at “Good Morning Britain.” She wondered if I’d be available to be on the show the next morning . . . at 2am New York time. Same old story: leaving kids home alone, blah blah blah. I checked my schedule and, aside from being the middle of my sleep time, saw no reason not to, so I agreed.

Transportation to and from was arranged, I decided to be smart and go to bed at 8:30 so at least I could pretend I got a full-night’s sleep, and at 1:30am I was in a car on my way to to same studio I went to when I did the Lorraine Show.

And then, at 2:40am, I was on. And it became clear to me that when I spoke to one of the producers on the phone earlier in the afternoon, I did not ask the right questions. Most notably: why is this in the news again?

If I had asked, I would have known that there is a mom who left her 6-year-old home and was cited for it. Now she’s trying to get the citation removed and there is talk of making a law with a minimum age for kids to be left alone. And if I had known that, I might have responded a bit differently.


As it was, I did the best I could. And I think I did genuinely contribute and make a good point or two, but only after I picked up on the reason I was actually there.

So there’s that. I’m still learning. Next time, if there is one, I’ll be smart enough to ask why this is in the news right now.


I haven’t bothered to see if there’s a clip online or not, but feel free to look if you want. It was “Good Morning Britain” on Monday Nov. 10.

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  1. It appears you have to register for an itv account. And then maybe the shows go away after 7 days (unless you pay them?).

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