mary poppins day

mary poppins day

Sometimes, the boys have Tuesdays off. Well, twice in a row. Election Day then Veteran’s Day. I kind of botched Election Day, so we decided to go big on Veteran’s Day. I asked the kids what they wanted to do on their day off and Simon had a list of things he wanted to do: See the castle, go through the Ramble, check out the fountain—basically do the grand tour of Central Park’s 2nd quadrant, which he’s learning about in school.


The weather gods smiled on New York City that day and we were blessed with 60 degrees and sunny. Elsa took a nap on the train on the way there, so by the time we got to Turtle Pond, our lunch time picnic spot, we were good to go for the rest of the day.

And go we did.
We rambled through The Ramble.

We took Belvedere Castle.
We soaked in the glory of Bethesda Fountain and all the talents being shared and the people watching to peep.

We scaled Cherry Hill.

And then we went searching for Balto—the last thing on our list.
We found him, of course, and we paid our respects to the bravest dog ever. (I still have a hard time reading the kids’ book we have telling the story of Balto. Tears every time. I’m such a softie.)

I patted myself on the back several times throughout the day for letting the kids lead the way, not rushing them from one place to the next, for just sitting and watching them run and play and be kids (and for joining in when they wanted me to).
But then we were done and we wanted nothing more than to just go home—which is never as easy as it sounds. The maps told us there were 4 restrooms really close to where we were. The maps lied. It took us forever to find one, and by that point we were in a completely different part of the park by a different train line. The natives were restless and I could feel the mutinous spirit growing.

We did make it to our train, however. Just in time to quell the mutiny. We made it home in time to make dinner.

Such was our Mary Poppins day—practically perfect in every way.


One thought on “mary poppins day

  1. Such a fun day! And that’s how I want to be! Let the girls decide at what pace we move on from one thing to the next. That’s not easy!

    And Balto. Oh Balto! Break my heart. I struggled reading that each year with my students. How fun to be able to go and actually see that brave dog. Simon did a great job planning out the day. What fun memories. :)

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