he’s 5! he’s 5! he’s a big kid now, he’s 5!

he’s 5! he’s 5! he’s a big kid now, he’s 5!

On the day before Oliver’s birthday (which is to say, on Micah’s birthday), the temperature dropped into the 40s. Micah pulled out the winter clothes to be sure the boys were outfitted properly for the commute to school. Among the options were a pair of 5T pants, which he offered to Oliver. Oliver’s response? “No. Tomorrow.”

By which he meant: “I cannot wear those 5T pants because they are for a 5-year-old and I am not yet 5. I can wear them tomorrow, if you wish.”

That’s my boy! Fearless adventurer, dashing young gentleman, comedian extraordinaire, and all around great guy.

At 5, Oliver flatly refuses to play with boys.

He has an excellent rapport with a couple of girls in his class.

He is a really good reader and has made a lot of progress on his handwriting in two short months.

His favorite colors are yellow and purple.

Sometimes he draws his pictures and colors them in the same color so that you cannot see what he has drawn.

He has no patience for lines or keeping the colors within them.

He has a talent for cleverly mashing words together (he must be absorbing our culture’s love of the portmanteau).

He would much rather tell a joke than read a book.

He is the favorite playmate of both his older brother and his younger sister.

He still claims to not eat green things, but he still will eat green things if strongly encouraged.

He has been thrilled to discover that every week as he walks into sacrament meeting, he is handed a paper to fold into an airplane.

He makes the best cheesy face ever.

He is quite a treat to have around. Obviously.

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  1. That cheesy face is amazing! No surprise the girls love him! I love that he wouldn’t wear the 5T pants until he was officially 5. We like to follow the rules around here too! What a fun and adorable nephew!

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