how about them apples

how about them apples

Sixty-six. That’s how many apples we picked. It was cold and wet, though we missed the rain.

It took a few tries to convince Elsa that the apples that were still on the tree were better than the ones on ground, but she got it. It helped that Micah was willing to be the ladder so she could reach the best apples.

And once Elsa had a turn on the “dadder,” her brothers wanted a try, too.
Of course, as amazing as it is too see where apples really come from, and as fun as it is to figure out what we’re going to do with the dozens of apples we have boxed up on the balcony, it’s really the tradition of eating an entire pie straight from the plate for lunch that gets us out to a farm in the cold and wet.

It’s the little things.

One thought on “how about them apples

  1. Mmmmmmmm… That pie looks amazing! I’d love for us to experience apple picking in the Fall! My neighbor brought over a jar of her homemade applesauce. To. Die. For.

    Congrats to the kiddos for picking so many apples! Wish we could help you find a home (or just be that home) for all those apples!

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