first weekend in October

first weekend in October

Same old same old first-weekend-in-October for us:

We run a race, we celebrate a birthday, we watch General Conference, we have a waffle party, we watch more conference, we high-five and crash on the couch.

Or something like that.

But then again, not same old same old.

Miles for Midwives 5K was Saturday morning—when it was pouring. We got a little wet. We ran through puddles as deep as our calves. But we still did just fine. Micah came in 4th at 20:10 and I ran a 20:55 for 6th place overall, 1st woman. I would like to point out that lots of people didn’t show because of the rain, so the competition was not as stiff as it sometimes is. Still, it was nice that I could defend my “title.” Haha.

And then we went back home with a family we’ve been meaning to get together with for over a year. They have kids that match up pretty nicely in age and gender with ours and we wanted to see if we it might be destiny. Conclusion: yes. We can be friends for sure.

Having another family over was great because it meant that we had plenty of other mouths to help us out with Abby’s 4-layer birthday cake. And what a cake it was! One of my better efforts, which was a little surprising because it had not a bit of butter. So that was nice.

Also nice: all the kids playing in the bedroom so we adults could listen to conference. Even better, it worked out two days in a row. We figured if we’re going to party, we might as well party hard, so we invited a bunch of other families over for waffles before conference on Sunday. Our apartment was pretty packed until just before the session started, and then just a couple of families stayed. Once again, all the kids played nicely while we listened. Or, more accurately, while we waited for chaos to erupt in the bedroom. It never did. It took us a while to pick our jaws off the floor . . . .

And that was that.  A great weekend. A great weekend that kicks off the season of what we hope is several months of great weekends as we celebrate birthdays and holidays and take advantage of the beautiful fall weather.

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  1. You totally didn’t need to mention anything about the competition! You were the first woman across the line. Of course you were! Own it! That’s awesome! 😀 congrats to both of you!!

    And congrats on making a beautiful birthday cake! I know I make lots of comments about the food you make, but my mouth was seriously watering looking at that little beauty.

    Also, so glad your Conference experience was what it was. I imagine future Conferences will be better over here, because I’m almost positive they can’t be worse!

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