loose tooth

loose tooth

It’s always a little nerve-wracking for me when Simon says, “I think we should say a prayer that ________.”

Because what if “________” doesn’t happen?

Especially when it’s something like, “I think we should say a prayer that it doesn’t hurt too much when you pull my tooth out.”

Oh dear. Of course it is going to hurt. Right?

This particular tooth has been “loose” for months. Not very loose, but a little. This is surprising because the adult tooth was fully emerged, sitting right behind it, waiting for it to get out of the way so it could scooch forward and into its proper place.

The dentist said it needed to come out within the next week or two, or he’d have to pull it. We told Simon to wiggle away, then set deadline for Sunday night. The time came and we got a bit of cold feet. I pulled a bit to loosen it some more. And that is when Simon got the idea that maybe we should say a prayer.

We did, of course. Then Micah had the idea that maybe we should try to loosen it some more with some floss. We wrapped a string of floss around the tooth and tugged a bit, and after a few times it was much looser, but still not out. We decided to give it one final tug with fingers. Micah was chosen to perform the job. (I’m much less sensitive to other people feeling pain . . . .) I gave Simon my arm to squeeze, Micah tried to get a better angle on the tooth and then . . .

Oh, wait. It was already out. That “better angle” was all it took. Simon didn’t even notice until Micah showed him the tooth. There was very little blood.

Prayers were answered. Teeth were lost. High fives were exchanged.

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