that time we went rollerskating

that time we went rollerskating

Did I forget to tell you about that time we went rollerskating? Good times, people, good times.

Simon had been asking for months to go to the new rink next to the new splashpad in the new development in Prospect Park. I kept telling him we needed to find a time when Micah could be there because I didn’t think I’d me able to manage 3 kids at once.

I was right. And, in fact, the two of us had a hard time making sure all 3 were able to stay on their feet. After we finally got around the rink the first time, I thought for sure the kids would be done and we’d have spent a good chunk of change for 10 minutes of  . . . something. It seemed, to put it mildly, an ambitious activity for our stage in life.

But the kids surprised me. They wanted to go around again. And again. And again. Simon was determined to get better at it. Elsa seemed not to understand that she could stop. And Oliver, bless his little heart, kept at it even though he had neither the desire to get any better nor found any enjoyment in the process of trying to stay up-right. At least that is how it seemed to me.

Against all odds, we stayed until the rink closed. There were tears when we had to return our skates. Even Micah and I had to admit that we enjoyed ourselves, even if we did spend the entire time trying to keep Bambi-legged kids from going down.

That is not to say that we’ll do it again. Not any time soon anyway, or not as a whole family. Nope. Roller skating will likely be a special one-on-one activity, at least for the next 5 years.

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  1. I love this! I can picture each of your kids out there as you described them on their wobbly legs and love that it seems to sum up who they are at the same time.

    Way to endure it kiddos!

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