for the love of forts

for the love of forts

This sign appeared on the kids’ bedroom door last Friday:

Truly, it couldn’t have made me happier. Not only was I, you know, not having a great day and needing some space, I was thrilled that they had finally gotten bored enough that they really got into the fort building thing.

I couldn’t/didn’t take any pictures (see sign, above), but I will tell you: this thing involved removing slats from the bunk bed, secret passages, mattresses as walls — the whole bit. They worked so hard on it that they wanted to figure out a way to sleep without messing it up, and when that effort failed, they just put it right back together when they got up in the morning.

My heart swells at the thought . . . .

One thought on “for the love of forts

  1. “No Adluts.” Love. It.
    It must be fort-making time. I made a fort maybe two weeks ago in our living room for Milo and friends. But mostly for me. It was legit. Our entire living room was covered in sheets. And Milo’s friends all loved it. :)

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