“these paddle things are really fun”

“these paddle things are really fun”

We were lucky enough to 1. snag an invite to my teacher’s lake house this summer and 2. actually be able to go.

We spent all day there because we are the first-to-arrive, last-to-leave kind of people when it comes to lakes. After all, when the only other “Lakeside” your kids are familiar with is the splash pad at Prospect Park, you jump at the chance to acquaint them with the real thing.

And it was a good thing we planned to spend all day there because it was really hard to tear them away. Between the stand-up paddle board, the inflatable whale, and the kayak, there really wasn’t enough time in the day.

Simon took to the paddle sports as if he’d actually known they existed before and had been dying for the chance to get an actual paddle in his hands. He cruised all over the lake in the kayak with either Micah or I chasing him on the paddle board. By the end of the day he was getting a little bit tired, but even then I had to put my foot down and tell him we needed to leave.

The whale on the other hand . . . it’s a shame it looked so fun. Oliver and Elsa kept taking turns with it which may have been fun for them, though I can’t really imagine how. Unless your idea of fun is to sit precariously for a few moments before losing balance and falling into the water. Micah and I took plenty of turns keeping them upright before we decided the whale was tired and needed to rest.

But the real lesson of the day was that owning a lake house is a really good idea. Something to aim for, something to work toward.

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  1. Lizzie, you can join with Jarom and I in our lake house plans. They are, simply, to have lake houses on the same lake somewhere green and pretty. Then all of our babies can have fun on the lake together. The end.

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