the summer crunch

the summer crunch

There are only 5 weeks left of summer. But whose counting? Me. I’m counting. This is the first time we’ve had a truly defined summer break and in all honesty, it’s . . . hard.

Hard because I think I’m failing if we don’t get out and do a bunch of fun, exciting things.

Hard because sometimes I’m pulling teeth to do it.

Hard because it is going so fast that I’m afraid we’re missing opportunities left and right.

Hard because filling up 5 more weeks with a solid balance of activity and rest seems like a tall order.

But then again, pulling teeth and balancing and missed opportunities aside, it’s also a lot of fun. We get to ride our bikes around the block and around the park. We get to stay out late and ignore bedtimes. We get to go to the park and lie in the grass. We get to go to the beach (two thumbs up!) and to to the pool (two thumbs down!) and to the splash pad.

And even though I’m feeling the crunch to fill our buckets with fun before September 4th, I’m also feeling like I’m double-dipping. I had my own childhood summers, and now I get to help the kids have theirs. And even though it is their childhood and not mine, and they are going back to school and not me, I still feel some of that magic and joy and freedom that comes with riding bikes as the sun sets and the crickets start to chirp. And part of that magic comes from the fact that it only lasts for a season, and then it’s gone.

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