good girl

good girl

It rained at Elsa’s birthday party, which could hardly have made her happier. While everyone else ran for cover under the trees, she ran straight out into the open field, soaking it all in, literally and figuratively.

Admittedly, it has only been 3 days, but so far 2 years old looks really good on her. On Friday as we were running out the door to meet Dad as he came home from work, she was the only one of my kids to thank the lady who happened to be holding the door as they ran through. And at her party at the park (after the rain had stopped and we had eaten our sorbet and cake) when she opened her gifts she very sincerely and spontaneously let the givers know that she really liked them. The floral harem pants were hardly out of the wrapping when she started putting them on and the fluffy pink dog could not be pried from her arms and was quickly given a name: Betts.

As far as the party itself, well, Elsa is the most interested in “drawing” of all our kids. She “draws” on the magna doodle, or on paper, or on her clothes — you know, whatever is handy. So we had a “scribble” party. Nothing too fancy: t-shirts with fabric markers so the kids could “scribble” on their clothes, and then a white cake with white frosting accompanied by some tubes of icing so the kids could “scribble” on that as well.

It might have worked out slightly better if 1. it hadn’t rained and 2. we had remembered to bring cardboard or something else to put in the shirts to they were easier to write on, but still. It was fun and simple and all was well.

And now I have a 2-year-old again, which makes me happy because 2 year olds are kind of my favorite.

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