elsa turns 2

elsa turns 2

Well, the 2-year warranty has expired, so I guess we’re going to keep her. Even though she steals my mascara, puts lip balm all over her neck (and the counter), unravels entire spools of dental floss and treats the bathroom like her own personal splash pad.

She also is the go-to for healing hugs, for belly laughs, and for kitchen help.

I know I said a few weeks ago that her language skills were a bit behind, but she must have read that post and wanted to prove me wrong because since then she’s had a language explosion and has become quite the mimic. (Me: “Blast!” Her: “Bass!”)

And more than ever she’s just one of the gang. If the boys are riding bikes, she needs hers too. If they are having a pow-wow on the top bunk, there she is. And if someone mentions “snack” she’s the first one there and she makes sure everyone get their fair share.

Several weeks ago I had some meetings at Simon’s school and ended up spending all day there with her and Oliver. It was kind of exhausting. So when we got home I decided to lay down and rest for a few minutes. She came into my room, climbed on my bed, gave me a kiss, saw me smile, kissed me again, cuddled up next to me for a minute, then went to play with the boys while I finished resting. It was exactly what I needed to get me through the rest of the day.

I’ve been saying it all along, but I think she’s a bit of a magic baby. A magic pixie baby.

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  1. Happy Birthday Elsa! She is just adorable. I really wish she and Ruby could play together, because I think they would be great friends.

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