should have seen the pocket monsters coming a mile away

should have seen the pocket monsters coming a mile away

If you are wondering which of the 640+ Pokemon is the lightest, Simon can tell you.

If you are wondering which is the shortest, Simon can tell you.

If you are wondering how many start with the letters G-L-A, Simon can tell you.

He can tell you which type is the least common. He can tell you which ones have the most evolutions. He can tell you how many Pokemon are in just about every section. And he can even tell you where the publisher made mistakes in coloring and printing the book.

(He cannot tell you why Pikachu is so popular.)

For my part, when he first showed us the book that he wanted to get — based on the recommendation of a friend from school — I really wanted just to say no. I’m not really sure why, other than that it seemed like a super-geeky thing for him to have. But he had a gift card to Barnes and Noble and he was allowed to do whatever he wanted with it. So I bit my tongue and let it happen.

A few days later, after he’d been studying the book obsessively, it was his turn to say our family prayer. Simon always gives really great, thoughtful prayers about how grateful he is that he got to play video games and eat cookies and such. But this time he mentioned how grateful he was for his Pokemon book because “the Pokemon are really interesting.” And that’s when it clicked for me.

The Pokemon are interesting.

Since then I’ve been better about really listening to him when he tells me about the different monsters and figuring out what he’s talking about. He has insisted that we all choose a favorite Pokemon, which means I’ve skimmed the whole book. I can’t say that any of them really spoke to me, but there were several that I thought were pretty cool.

So I kind of get it. A little bit.

He’s started to think that he needs more information about these creatures, which means that one day we may have an entire Pokemon reference library. That’s assuming, of course, that he sticks to the books and doesn’t care too much about the video games or card games.

Haha. Fat chance. That I really can see coming.

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