wilderness camping

wilderness camping

Dirt and ticks and bears and . . . no toilets.

That’s what we signed up for, and that’s what we got —except for the bears — at our first (and hopefully not last) camping trip of the summer.

A friend invited us and some other families to trek up to the Catskills for a backpacking adventure. We took her seriously when she said “backpacking.” We got everything we needed in 4 backpacks (2 big, 2 little) . . . and then hiked 1/4 mile to where we ended up pitching our tents because, well, not everyone was ready to backpack the 2 miles we’d planned on.

Which was fine because there wasn’t really a place to camp 2 miles away like we had been told. But there was a beautiful waterfall that we climbed around on, waded through, and crossed many times when we hiked up there later.

We also enjoyed fireflies, the sound of fireworks (it was the weekend of the 4th), filtering our own water from a nearby stream, and sitting around the campfire with friends until we could hardly keep our eyes open any more. You know it’s a good trip when your kids are crying when it’s time to leave, they love it so much.

Although I know it wouldn’t be the same if it were something we did every night, I kind of really do wish we could sit around a campfire to laugh and joke, tell stories, share ideas, and learn about each other.

The dirt and the ticks and the bear warnings — and even the lack of toilets — are a small price to pay for such moments.

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  1. Awesome!! So glad those kind of memories are being passed on to the next generation!! Backpacking is the BEST!!

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