looking back at first grade

looking back at first grade

Today was Simon’s last day of first grade. I have no difficulty summoning tears when I reflect on that little piece of information. This year has been so great for him. His teachers were fabulous. His classmates were amazing. We’ve met so many wonderful parents and children. I think it says something about our experience this year that not once did I begrudge the 2 hours of my afternoon or the many miles I rode on bike or train to go get him.

(True, part of that may have been because it was really liberating to know that between 2-4pm I was completely unavailable and didn’t bother to think about all the things I wasn’t doing because the most important thing was to go get Simon. It made those 2 hours somewhat of a sacred time for me.)

Remember that first day that we were so nervous about? The first week in which he got teary-eyed and tired just thinking about how loooonnnnggg school was, and how much homework he had? So long ago. So many things we’ve learned. At FHE a few weeks ago we talked about how sometimes things are hard, but we get through them because we get stronger. When we asked if that had ever happened to them, he remembered how those first few weeks of school were so hard for him, but now he loves it and it’s not hard at all.

In fact, earlier this week we asked him if he wanted to give his teachers something as a thank you for being so great. He got really quiet sitting there at the breakfast table. It took me a minute to realize he was holding back tears. I asked him later about it and he said that he wasn’t expecting things to go so quickly. He thought he would be in first grade for.ev.er. But he was having such a good time that it was a surprise that the end was so near. And once again, my heart broke in two: one part joy, one part sadness, as it often does.

Some things I have loved about Simon’s first year: I love hearing him come home and talk about his friends. I love how excited he is to play with Oliver after school. I love learning about his contributions in his class. He doesn’t hesitate to raise his hand and speak his mind and I love that, too. A true citizen of the world. I love how excited he has gotten about so many things: chess, soccer, pokemon (that’s another post), the weather, math, The Magic Treehouse books.

Once again, we are so grateful to have the opportunity to go to Nest. So grateful for the teachers and parents and kids. So glad that we’ll get to meet and know more of them over the coming years. It’s been a good thing for us. That’s for sure.

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  1. I can’t with how cute he is! What a great introduction to school he’s had, and how great is that for your whole family?

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