elsa says “dobby!”

elsa says “dobby!”

“Dobby!” is one of Elsa’s favorite things to say. She says it all the time. We try to joke that she’s calling a house elf, of course, but in reality this is what she means: “Stop it!”

“Stop it!” as in, “Don’t try to take that from me!”

“Stop it!” as in “Don’t try to catch me!”

“Stop it!” as in “Let me tear everything to pieces!”

“Dobby dobby dobby!”
Truth be told, Elsa’s speaking skills could use a bit of improvement. She’s not yet mastered the “s” sound, so she still calls herself “Elda.” She’s not great at the “c” sound either. Or the “t” sound. She has just a few two-word phrases. And she only sometimes plays along when we try to coax her to repeat after us.

Which is not to say that she cannot make herself understood. Oh heavens no. We get it. All she wants in life is to be allowed to climb, jump, run, chase dogs and eat cheese sticks.

And to own a house elf. (We wish.)

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