and then we moved

and then we moved

There are few things more humbling/humiliating than packing up all your stuff and asking people to help you haul it 5 blocks from one apartment to another.

Your whole life is on display. The boxes and boxes of books. The papers you’ve been carrying around since high school. The 87 rolls of toilet paper.

Ugh. Sorry everyone had to see all that.

The good news is that we got rid of a lot of stuff. And we’re still thinning things out.

The better news is that we only took up about 2 hours of people’s time with loading and unloading the moving truck. Yes, loading and unloading. We had all our stuff ready to go and I’m pretty proud of that.

The best news is that I don’t think we lost any friends over the fact that we are, apparently, hoarders of toilet paper.

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since moving day and while most of our stuff has been unboxed for most of that time, we’re still just barely getting settled in. There are shelving issues to be worked out, a closet that needs to be turned into an office, a kitchen that will be fitted with a peninsula (because islands are so suburban), a “fauxdenza” to install, and lots of painting and arranging/accumulating art.

Someday we might actually have an apartment that feels like a real home, and if we do I’ll be sure to give you a house tour. Until then, please don’t be disgusted by our toilet paper collection. 20140618-230020-82820737.jpg

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