let them eat pie!

let them eat pie!

A friend of mine thought it would be a good idea to have a pie eating contest for Memorial Day. She said she mostly just wanted to watch them wallow in whipped cream. I saw it more as an opportunity to bake a tasty pie, so that’s what I did. The kids requested berries, so that’s what I did: berries with lemon-sugar. And a streusel top. (Everyone seemed to think that I went “all out” on the pie, but really, is there a better way of doing things?)

But back to the contest. There was a long strip of paper on which the pies were placed. The kids (and pies) lined up on one side, the parents (and cameras) on the other. And then they went at it. The rules stated no hands, and Simon, being the rule-abiding child that he is, dug in. Most of the other kids were not as sure about this activity. Some cried. Most sat, staring blankly wondering, I imagine, how they were supposed to eat the pie. But not the Heiselt kids. Once Simon got going, Oliver and Elsa weren’t too far behind. Other parents wondered if maybe we’d coached our kids beforehand. Maybe held a practice session. (I like to think my pie was just so tasty that they couldn’t help themselves.)

Eventually, most of the other kids got into it. Dug their little faces into their pies. Good times were had by all, and while there were no winners and no losers, I would like to point out for the record that my kid finished first.

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  1. Yum!! That pie sounds amazing! And what a fun time! Of course Simon came in first! Did any of us actually doubt that he would?! I love that the question of you guys coaching your kids came in to consideration. I’m sure your pie coupled with Simon’s example was all the encouragement they needed!

    I love seeing Elsa with her brothers. Adorable. :)

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