elsa the runner

elsa the runner

We were at the park with friends. There was talk of holding a footrace amongst all the children. So they lined up, someone said “Go!” and they were off.

Simon, being the child with the longest legs, came in first. The rest of the kids were close behind. Well, most of the rest of the kids. A couple of toddlers lost interest shortly after the race began, though Elsa wasn’t one of them. She was very focused and intent on making it to the end. It took her a little bit longer, of course, but with all of the other runners across the line and on to other things, she had a much bigger cheering section than the rest of them.

Okay, so maybe the cheering section was mostly me. And mostly I was trying to keep her focused on moving forward toward the finish line — not that she didn’t have enough determination on her own: she was about as focused as I’ve ever seen her. But she was clearly thriving on the attention.

When she did cross the line — in her pioneer girl skirt and black boots — I think she was about as excited as I was.

I think she and I are going to have some good runs together in a few years. Just a guess.

One thought on “elsa the runner

  1. So cute!! Isn’t that great?! Lydia’s the same way and I get so excited thinking about going on runs with her in the future. I hope Sophie gets into running too. She’s so proud of herself for walking these days that I’m sure she’ll enjoy running as soon as she figures it out.

    Way to go Elsa! We’ll have to go for a run the next time these girls are all together!

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