what we did

what we did

We got on a plane. We flew across the country, then got on another plane and flew across the ocean. We flew from New York to Tokyo. Just because. Because we’ve been together for 10 years and that’s cool. We wanted to celebrate. And because Micah has been talking about showing me Japan for as long as we’ve been married, it seemed like it was about time to finally do it.

It wasn’t easy of course. I spent a couple of weeks before we left imagining every worst case scenario. I wrote a letter the night before we left telling our families what they should do with our kids if we didn’t return. And I cried as we rode on the train from our place to the airport. But after we boarded the plane and got in the air — as we took the next step — I felt more peaceful.

And the trip itself was heaven. Every place we went, everything we saw, every day was full of good things. We walked and walked and walked. We ran. We rode bikes. We took the shinkansen (bullet train). We took a ferry. And for 11 days Micah and I had nobody else to talk to but each other. Perfect.

There’s more to tell, of course. More to show. What we saw, what we ate, the people we met, the Engrish we took such joy in. I’ll share it all as soon as I can.

But for now, we’re happy to be home, back with our kids and in our own apartment (at least until next week, when we move to a new one), with that letter I wrote undisturbed in the top drawer of our dresser.

5 thoughts on “what we did

  1. Sounds like an amazing trip! It is so bittersweet leaving your kids behind, because you miss them but it is really nice to be able to just be with your spouse and have an adventure. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. This is so great! I feel the same way with jordan and Korea. :) Looks like some of the food is similar too. Red bean paste…gotta love it (I kinda do)
    I love travel pictures so, keep ’em comin!

  3. You never give anything away! That you wrote a letter shouldn’t surprise me, but reading that you thought about what might happen if you didn’t return… gah! So glad you did! And thanks for all the pictures!

  4. What a wonderful adventure! Thank you for sharing all the pictures, but I have to say that in the one of you two in front of the golden statue, you hair looks so cute!

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