a party for fools

a party for fools

Simon told me more than a month ago that he wanted an April Fools party for his birthday. “Fun,” I thought. But when I asked him what kinds of things he wanted to do, it was clear that we were not on the same page.

Something he said about trap doors and building elaborate structures tipped me off. So we had a brainstorming party, which after a couple of minutes of idea-sharing turned into a discussion of how, if we want our friends to still be our friends, we probably only want to do fun pranks, like making them think they are going to be eating dirt and worms and then having it turn out to be chocolate cookie crumbs. That kind of thing.

And once we made that distinction . . . well, I did my best to come up with some fools day fun that would be fun for everyone.

The party happened yesterday, and despite my having left the berries for the berry fools at home, it was fine. I say “fine” and not “awesome” because it was just fine. I think the kids had a good time, but they weren’t blown away or anything. *Sigh* I like to blow people away. And to be honest, even though I did all the prep work, Micah em-ceed the whole thing, so if they did have a good time, it was due to his efforts. (Also, I left the party to go find one of the kids who was on the other side of the park.)

But this is what we did: We had the kids dress up like fools. We did this first by letting them put stickers all over their faces. And then we played hot potato and whenever the music stopped, whoever had the ball got to go put on a dress up. After that, the kids danced like fools. And whoever froze in the craziest position when the music stopped got to pick a prize out of the slime bucket. And the final game was to find out who was the biggest fool by cutting into the mound of “fool’s dust” to see who would make the starburst fall.

In the end, it was Oliver’s knife who felled the starburst, but he was too overcome by emotion to fish the starburst out with his teeth, so we had a volunteer take the role. And she reveled in it.

After that we had the “fools cupcakes” (haha! we fooled them! they were actually almost healthy! made with quinoa, not flour! hahahaha!) and opened gifts. And then it started to rain, right at the scheduled departure time, so we left.

End of party.

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