easter happened

easter happened

Yeah, so Easter. It happened. We were there!

Actually, we were on our way to Boston. On Easter Sunday, which kind of stunk. But we stopped at a church just outside of Boston to attend their Easter program, which turned out to be a good move. Not only were we able to get these priceless Easter pics of the kids eating lunch on the curb in the parking lot just before we went into sacrament meeting, we were also able to hear an excellent musical program followed by one of the best sacrament meeting talks I’ve ever heard. For reals.

Simon agrees. He was moved nearly to tears (from laughter) by the speaker’s comments about his toddler body-slamming his inflated head so that he could be humble enough to actually write the darn talk. And then he got into the meat of the issue, which was all about being bold in Christ and very well written, reasoned, and delivered. Lots to think about there. (If only I hadn’t been shushing my giggly 7-year-old and could have taken some notes . . . .)

And although I felt bad about being on the road and prepping for the race on Easter, I think the BAA stepped in and helped us out as we completely dropped the ball on all things Easter Bunny-ish. In fact, that was the main draw for going to the pre-race dinner: the bag of chocolates and other treats from the likes of Lindt, Toblerone, Hershey’s among others.

Oh, and we also found out that Easter egg hunts happen because the word “egg” is almost in the word “Easter” and that the point of it all is for us to get a special treat. Thankfully we had several hours in the car in which to promote greater understanding of the holiday and its traditions, and I think we’re clear on the fact that Easter has something to do with Jesus and new life. We may haven even absorbed the idea that eggs represent new life, and that Easter also coincides with spring, a season of new life . . . although we’re still not really clear on what bunnies have to do with all of that.

Maybe we’ll figure that out by next year. If we’re lucky.

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  1. Paul and I had a similar conversation about why eggs and bunnies are a part of Easter. We’re still not sure about the bunnies.

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