all about boston

all about boston

Oh Boston. If only you weren’t so very tempting. Just last week I was looking forward to taking a break from running marathons for a while, to letting Boston be Boston without me. And then I had to actually go and run it, and now I’m wishing that I really could run it every year.


If you want to know all about the race, head on over to MotherRunner for the nitty gritty details.

However, I will give you an exclusive peak into how I really feel as well: I think I could’ve broken 3:20 if the course weren’t so crowded. I had to slow down in places that I wouldn’t have if there weren’t so many people to run around. But that’s Boston. That’s part of the whole experience. Next time I want to chase a PR, I may just have to head to some race that nobody else wants to run.

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