Well, he isn’t really toothless. He is not even necessarily less a tooth. His adult tooth started coming in before the baby tooth was out — and, in fact, was the reason the tooth came out so “early” at all. So for a week or so he had 21 teeth. He seemed to enjoy having a wiggly tooth for a bit, but he wasn’t quite as excited I was for it to actually come out, I believe. And then I totally missed it. Micah took him to a bakery after school on Friday and he taste-tested some yucca-coconut bread and he quietly declared that his tooth had just come out.

The tooth fairy came, but it seems as though we did not prepare him well and he was rather confused to find a couple of dollar bills in the envelope where his tooth had once been.

But what are you going to to do about it? Wait for the next tooth to come out and do it all over again, I suppose.

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