and . . . exhale

and . . . exhale

The past couple of weeks I’ve been holding my breath every time I get the mail, just in case we got the letter letting us know Oliver’s test results. Over the past couple of months the boy has really learned to read and write really well, and although all was already said and done as far as him taking the test, I started to be more hopeful that he was much more intelligent than we have been giving him credit for. Which is not to say that we haven’t thought that he is very intelligent — we just have the disadvantage of having to compare him to Simon, who, as we all know, is more interested in and focused on being the smartest kid in the room than Oliver is. (He seems more interested in being funny.)

And then on Friday I checked my e-mail and saw something from the NYC DOE. My heart immediately started pounding and I tried and tried to download the rest of the e-mail, but couldn’t because, well, I don’t know. Something about the servers serving Lincoln Center being overwhelmed by all the women tweeting about Women in the World? (More on that in another post.) After several minutes of attempting to download, I gave up and went back to the summit I was attending. Once I was all settled in and enjoying the panel discussions, I tried to download the e-mail again . . . with success!

Shock, relief, and excitement — but not disbelief — when I saw the 99 on his overall percentile ranking. And we can all breathe a little bit easier knowing that our boys will be at the same school next year, that it is a really great school, and that it may be easier for us to find an apartment to move to.

That Oliver. What a kid. He made our lives so much easier.

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  1. Congratulations! What a relief. And how fun to drop them off together and spend the day with little miss!

  2. Fabulous news! What a relief! You have some smart kiddos (no surprise). And to have them at the same school is so so so nice! (where are you hoping to move to??)

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