pi(e) day 2014

pi(e) day 2014

We’ve been doing this for years. As many years as we’ve been married. I feel like we’ve really made this holiday and this tradition our own–something we all look forward to and get excited about, whether we celebrate with friends or just by ourselves.

This year I made butternut squash galette, kale and sausage dinner pie, mixed berry and chocolate pie, and classic pumpkin. I wish I could pinpoint exactly what it is about making pie that I find so fulfilling, but I can’t. Maybe it’s the challenge of making a flaky crust, maybe it’s the enormous range of possible fillings, maybe it’s just the fact that pie is . . . pie! 20140316-193354.jpg

I only took one pie pic(!)* (the choco-berry pie, above) but I also snapped a couple of one of my little helpers. Girlfriend puts her whole self into her pie baking. Just like with everything else she does.20140316-192917.jpg

*I feel like I’m slacking off in the picture department. Whole months of our lives are going by with only a few phone photos to show for it. Sad, sad undocumented day.

2 thoughts on “pi(e) day 2014

  1. And the recipes are…? You can’t post a picture like that (even if it is only one picture) and not tell us how we can make it.

    Unless *gasp* you made it up. I wouldn’t put it past you.

  2. I wouldn’t put it past you either, and yes, that pie looks heavenly. :) and this tradition is amazing! All of that food sounds so scrumptious!

    Also, I think I have a crush on my niece. Elsa is so cute! Can’t wait to get her together with her little Frazier cousins.

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