our hearts are frozen

our hearts are frozen

It’s been over two months since we took the boys to their first movie ever. It was “Frozen” on New Years Eve and we may never hear the end of it. Oliver likes to get dressed and put toys away to the Frozen soundtrack. Simon is systematically trying to memorize all of the songs. And Elsa, bless her little heart, “sings” “words” that are in the same cadence as “Let it go! Let it go!” (It does sound a little bit like “Let it go!” but not quite. (She also “sings” “Look down!” from Les Mis, which is just as cute and hilarious as you’d expect.)

Here’s a glimpse into our world these days:

Also: if you say “Elsa?” someone will finish your thought: “Do you wanna build a snowman?”

Yes, we are all in on “Frozen.”

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