simon’s scrapbook

simon’s scrapbook

Simon took a scrapbooking class last semester. It was one of his top 3 choices among the cluster classes offered, and while we were surprised that it was one of his top choices we were excited to see what he thought about scrapbooking. Turns out he didn’t love it. Which is fine because in the next couple of weeks he’ll get a chance at something new (right now his top picks are Super Science, Math Mania, and Jewelry Making). But even though it wasn’t his favorite, his scrapbook is, perhaps, my favorite thing ever.

Allow me to share it with you so that it can be your favorite thing, too.

Hello! My name is Simon. My hair is long becase I never cut it. My hair has curls on the ends of them. I am in first grade, but I never went to kidergarden or preshool. My birthday is april 17th. I don’t know what my favrite food is now but it ustd to be pepporoni pizza.

This is the stoy of me as a baby. My mom put me in a blaket which was on the sidwalk. The blaket was poke doted wite on the outside and blue on the inside. I was asleep and wile I was asleep my mom put a hat on me. Then my mom took my had off and unwrapped the blaket.

(Simon admits to making all that stuff up based on the baby pictures he had to work with.)

Above, my brother and I are bats for Hallowen and this is how it worked: wile we were at the chile cook off, one of the other people, Flecher, said, “This is bat #1” and he pointed to me. Then he said “this is bat #2” and he pointed to my brother Oliver.

Above, my brother and I are going to a hollween party. I am an astronaut and my brothr is the moon. My parents were misson control.

When I went camping we found a slug. Then we found another slug. Then sombody smashed the first slug so sombody made a coiffin for the slug. I made an obstcle corse. First you were soposd to run twice around a pole. Then you were sopoesd to run in and out some circles.

I used to like reading. I still do, but only if I read books that: I have’nt read I have’nt read in a long time or I spificly like. Hoever, I used to love reading. Whenever I did’nt have anything to do, I would read. But now I only 50% like reading. Besides I only 75% know how to read. I used to think I fully knew how to read, but I was missig one important part. Thinking.

2 thoughts on “simon’s scrapbook

  1. Ok, super cute!!!! I love it. His entries made me laugh out loud!!! I especially love his analysis of how much he likes reading and what he was missing. Awesome!!! And his made up stories with the baby pictures! Wow. I need to meet him!:)

  2. I just about died at the last page. “But I was missing one important part. Thinking.” Oh Simon, what will you do with your life? In first grade and already figuring out what makes college classes hard.

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