oliver is a hony

oliver is a hony

We’ve been telling ourselves that it’s only a matter of time before Humans of New York found us. This is more because the HONY photographer lives in our neighborhood (or close to it) than because we are anything super special. But it turns out that Friday was our day! Micah and Oliver were going to the store, after having dropped Simon at home after school, when they noticed a guy photographing a kid on our street. The photographer saw them and asked to take Oliver’s picture as well, and of course we thought that the bearded preschooler for sure needed to be shared with the world.

The photo went up on the HONY website and Facebook and Instagram yesterday. It was a little surreal to watch the number of “likes” on Facebook climb by the thousands every time we refreshed (currently at 93,552 likes), and to have our friends recognize him in their Instagram feeds (currently at 39,303 likes).

But really, can you blame everyone? I mean, look at this:

I bet there is not a cuter bearded preschooler in all of the five boroughs. He would totally make your day if you saw him walking down the street.

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