yup, still cold (but it’s okay)

yup, still cold (but it’s okay)

Last year when I was training for Boston, I learned that running in the cold isn’t all that bad. You bundle up, you get out the door, and after a few minutes you forget that it’s 22 degrees outside. It was an important lesson to learn, especially because this winter has been so much colder and so much snowier — and we don’t have the luxury of staying inside and ignoring it. Simon needs to be picked up from school even if it is 10 degrees. I still need to get my miles in if I’m going to have any fun at Boston in April.

Thankfully Oliver and Elsa have been fairly willing to bundle up a couple of times a day for our outings. They get to sit in the comfort of the stroller with their coats and their blanket and the weather shield protecting them while I bump them over snow banks and mince across ice sheets and shove through slush. And Oliver, bless his little heart, often sings and hums as we make the 15-minute trek from the train station to Simon’s school. He rarely, if ever, complains about the cold.

We feel like we’ve adapted pretty well to the temps. It’s important to check the weather, of course, but instead of shivering and complaining at the thought of going out in 20-degree weather, we just say, “Okay, put another shirt on and don’t forget your beard!” And then we’re good to go. Which is nice because even though the cold is somewhat inconvenient and makes getting out the door a little bit harder, there is something to be said for knowing you can handle it. And knowing that there is a lot of beauty to be had even in the coldest times of life.

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