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Month: February 2014

kicky baby

kicky baby

I hate to brag*, but we have so many talented friends. One of them is getting ready to launch her Etsy shop, which will sell the cutest little dresses, harem pants, and bibs that you have ever seen in your life. And of course she needed the cutest children to model them. Enter the Heiselts (see asterisk, below). Sadly, Simon was at school when the photoshoot (done by another of our talented friends) happened. But Oliver and Elsa stepped in and stepped up. Elsa worked it especially hard. She modeled two dresses and 4 or 5 pairs of pants.

I haven’t seen the photographer’s shots yet (though I’m told they turned out great), but I took a few of my own, with my phone, because I had to have an outlet for all the cuteness or I would have died.

I kind of think that pinafore/dress was made for Elsa. And I kind of think that Oliver makes those pants look soooo good. I’ll for sure let you all know when the shop launches and you can get in on the harem pants and pinafore action.


*This is obviously a lie. All I do on this blog these days is brag.

oliver is a hony

oliver is a hony

We’ve been telling ourselves that it’s only a matter of time before Humans of New York found us. This is more because the HONY photographer lives in our neighborhood (or close to it) than because we are anything super special. But it turns out that Friday was our day! Micah and Oliver were going to the store, after having dropped Simon at home after school, when they noticed a guy photographing a kid on our street. The photographer saw them and asked to take Oliver’s picture as well, and of course we thought that the bearded preschooler for sure needed to be shared with the world.

The photo went up on the HONY website and Facebook and Instagram yesterday. It was a little surreal to watch the number of “likes” on Facebook climb by the thousands every time we refreshed (currently at 93,552 likes), and to have our friends recognize him in their Instagram feeds (currently at 39,303 likes).

But really, can you blame everyone? I mean, look at this:

I bet there is not a cuter bearded preschooler in all of the five boroughs. He would totally make your day if you saw him walking down the street.

simon’s scrapbook

simon’s scrapbook

Simon took a scrapbooking class last semester. It was one of his top 3 choices among the cluster classes offered, and while we were surprised that it was one of his top choices we were excited to see what he thought about scrapbooking. Turns out he didn’t love it. Which is fine because in the next couple of weeks he’ll get a chance at something new (right now his top picks are Super Science, Math Mania, and Jewelry Making). But even though it wasn’t his favorite, his scrapbook is, perhaps, my favorite thing ever.

Allow me to share it with you so that it can be your favorite thing, too.

Hello! My name is Simon. My hair is long becase I never cut it. My hair has curls on the ends of them. I am in first grade, but I never went to kidergarden or preshool. My birthday is april 17th. I don’t know what my favrite food is now but it ustd to be pepporoni pizza.

This is the stoy of me as a baby. My mom put me in a blaket which was on the sidwalk. The blaket was poke doted wite on the outside and blue on the inside. I was asleep and wile I was asleep my mom put a hat on me. Then my mom took my had off and unwrapped the blaket.

(Simon admits to making all that stuff up based on the baby pictures he had to work with.)

Above, my brother and I are bats for Hallowen and this is how it worked: wile we were at the chile cook off, one of the other people, Flecher, said, “This is bat #1” and he pointed to me. Then he said “this is bat #2” and he pointed to my brother Oliver.

Above, my brother and I are going to a hollween party. I am an astronaut and my brothr is the moon. My parents were misson control.

When I went camping we found a slug. Then we found another slug. Then sombody smashed the first slug so sombody made a coiffin for the slug. I made an obstcle corse. First you were soposd to run twice around a pole. Then you were sopoesd to run in and out some circles.

I used to like reading. I still do, but only if I read books that: I have’nt read I have’nt read in a long time or I spificly like. Hoever, I used to love reading. Whenever I did’nt have anything to do, I would read. But now I only 50% like reading. Besides I only 75% know how to read. I used to think I fully knew how to read, but I was missig one important part. Thinking.

yup, still cold (but it’s okay)

yup, still cold (but it’s okay)

Last year when I was training for Boston, I learned that running in the cold isn’t all that bad. You bundle up, you get out the door, and after a few minutes you forget that it’s 22 degrees outside. It was an important lesson to learn, especially because this winter has been so much colder and so much snowier — and we don’t have the luxury of staying inside and ignoring it. Simon needs to be picked up from school even if it is 10 degrees. I still need to get my miles in if I’m going to have any fun at Boston in April.

Thankfully Oliver and Elsa have been fairly willing to bundle up a couple of times a day for our outings. They get to sit in the comfort of the stroller with their coats and their blanket and the weather shield protecting them while I bump them over snow banks and mince across ice sheets and shove through slush. And Oliver, bless his little heart, often sings and hums as we make the 15-minute trek from the train station to Simon’s school. He rarely, if ever, complains about the cold.

We feel like we’ve adapted pretty well to the temps. It’s important to check the weather, of course, but instead of shivering and complaining at the thought of going out in 20-degree weather, we just say, “Okay, put another shirt on and don’t forget your beard!” And then we’re good to go. Which is nice because even though the cold is somewhat inconvenient and makes getting out the door a little bit harder, there is something to be said for knowing you can handle it. And knowing that there is a lot of beauty to be had even in the coldest times of life.