oliver’s test

oliver’s test

Yesterday Oliver took the gifted and talented test. This is a big deal for our family. If he does well enough he will automatically be able to go to the same school as Simon. If he doesn’t, well, then Micah and I need to find an apartment to move to in a better school district. (We’re moving anyway because our rent is being raised, and not only because of the schools.)

We tried to prep him as well as we could. We did practice tests and played applicable games. We told him he needed to answer all the questions and do his very best. We for sure said lots of prayers, fasted, and asked for special blessings. And then when the time came, we told him to have a good time and crossed our fingers. 

He came out of the test happy and energetic. He said he had done his best. And we are, of course, happy about that and that he didn’t seem to feel any stress about the test. We won’t know until April how he actually did, so we just have to sit tight for a while. But it does feel nice to have that part of it behind us, to know that there is nothing more Oliver has to do.

Some people have asked if he understood why the test was important or if he felt any pressure. And I think the answer to the first question is yes and the answer to the second is no. We definitely talked about how he had to do his best if he wanted to go to the same school as Simon. But I don’t think he is capable of feeling a lot of stress or pressure about such things. That’s just not him. And that is fine. After all, it’s really our job as parents to worry about his schooling and to find the best opportunities for him. He shouldn’t have to worry about that at all at his age, and I don’t think he does. I’m thankful for that.

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  1. I’m glad he didn’t feel any pressure. We’re keeping you in our thoughts and we’ll be excited to hear the news when you get it!

  2. Das Licht hat sich wirklich schon etwas vet¤Ãnderr! Von mir aus kann es noch ein wenig Sommer bleiben. Das einzige auf das ich mich in Sachen Herbst freue, sind die Äpfel und endlich wieder kuschelige Schals und Stiefel tragen zu können :)Liebe Grüße und einen feinen Start in die neue Woche!Anne

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