the ned-yo

the ned-yo

“Never give up. Encourage others. Do your best!” That’s what NED stands for, and who can argue with that?

When Simon came home from school a couple of months ago and could speak only of this NED assembly he went to (“The NED Show”) and the yo-yos they were selling . . . I was not very enthusiastic. But he was really, really excited about the whole thing and wanted to use all his money to get all three of the fancy yo-yos they were now selling at school. He was sure it would change his life. And since it was his money, we let him take what he had and do with it what he could, which, by the end of the week, meant buying only the most basic yo-yo because the others had sold out.

I expected that after a few days with the yo-yo he would discover that it is difficult to play with and hard to learn tricks on. I thought it would quickly become just another toy in the toy box. But I was mistaken. Instead, it has become almost another member of the family. “Where’s my ned-yo?” is not an uncommon question. And we are often asked to come watch his latest trick. In fact, Simon’s new favorite place to be is standing on the toy box, where he can yo without hitting the floor. Only occasionally do we hear the smack of the ned-yo on furniture as he tests out new tricks.

And despite my initial misgivings, it’s fun. Fun to see him try new things and to keep at it until he masters a new move. It seems like one of those things that may come in handy occasionally at parties and talent shows and there’s nothing wrong with that. And as long as he’s willing to keep working at it (and try not to whack his siblings with the yo-yo), I will encourage him to do his best. :)

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  1. Simon seems to have a lot of staying power. When he’s interested in something he sticks with it. Would you say that is a fair assessment?

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