our media maven

our media maven

If you’re wondering why there are books and DVDs strewn all over the apartment these days the answer is Elsa. Obviously.

She’s really into books, or at least they first few pages of them. After which she gets bored and moves onto the next big thing – or board book, as the case may be. She’ll repeat this process until half the shelf has been emptied onto the floor and couch. And then she’ll set her sights a little higher, to the shelf on which the DVDs are stored. Because of the arrangement of our furniture, it’s quite easy for her to stand on the armrest of the couch and pull off whatever DVD catches her fancy. (Baby Signing Time and The Incredibles are the favorites, although if she does happen to grab Nausicaa, she’s kind enough to hand it to Oliver because that is his favorite movie these days.)

Finding things to distract her from this hobby has proven to be difficult, as this actually seems to be the best use of her time. After all, we don’t want to encourage her to rummage around in the fridge any more than she already does. (“Cheese!”) Nor do we want her climbing onto the desk, where she could knock over the frog aquarium or make a mess of the computer files. Standing on the table or climbing into Simon’s bed (both are among her favorite places) are technically off-limits for her, though difficult to enforce. And toys are good only insofar as they don’t become projectiles or the center of fights and tears between her and her brothers.

All this is to say: Elsa is growing up to be a very capable and opinionated little being. And that I spend more time than I would like putting books and DVDs back on the shelves, prying discs from her grubby little hands, and trying to keep her from whacking her head against anything as she collapses to the ground to let me know that I’ve ruined her life – yet again.

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  1. Updates! yay! These are great pictures. Josie has been stealing food and hiding under the kitchen table. :( Don’t know what that’s all about….Haven’t all your kids been climbers? And, doesn’t Micah rock-climb? :)

  2. I’m trying to get a handle on Elsa. On the one hand she seems to be headstrong and fearless, and on the other she seems to be a little cuddlebug, with some mischieviousness thrown in. Would you say that is a fair assessment, or am I wrong?

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