midnight snuggles

midnight snuggles

You already know, of course, that Elsa can climb into and out of her crib. But it’s only been in the past couple of weeks that she has taken advantage of that ability to disrupt our daily lives – or, more accurately, our nightly lives.

The first night, just as Micah and I had laid down to fall asleep, she started to get a little restless. It sounded like she was putting herself back to sleep – right up until the moment she silently and stealthily climbed into bed with us. Which was fine. I didn’t sleep much that night anyway.

Since then it has become a regular occurrence. Not every night, but most nights. And while I do put her back in her own bed most of the time, when I wake up again, she’ll often be right there next to me.

In some ways it is really sweet. But then, it would be a lot sweeter if we all weren’t so sleep deprived already. Or if we could do what we did with the boys and train her to stay in her own room. But she doesn’t have her own room – and for the time being she can’t share one with the boys (until we find a new apartment to move to). So we’re somewhat resigned to finding a little person in our bed a couple of times a night, and dealing with the resulting tiredness for the rest of the day.

But now we know what it’s like to have a child who climbs into bed with us at night. It feels like a rite of parenthood, and I feel slightly more legit having experienced it.

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  1. So neither Simon nor Oliver climbed into bed with you? I have daydreams about Milo being old enough to be able to climb into bed with us. Yup. I daydream about that. Or at least I have once. Or twice. Is that really weird?

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