so long, farewell

so long, farewell

This happened, people. This happened. It happened even though it was never actually practiced or choreographed. It happened because the boys watched a clip of the song on Youtube over and over again. It happened because they split up the parts as they were laying in bed before they went to sleep, and sang it on the bike as we were coming home from school.

I’ll grant you that it isn’t the smoothest rendition of the song ever. But it’s still worth a watch. If only because Simon is wearing super hero cuffs and a bird tail and Oliver asks if he can taste his first champagne.

I die of the cuteness. It kills me.

(My apologies for the quality of the camera skills . . . I did the best I could.)

5 thoughts on “so long, farewell

  1. I may or may not have watched this several times. It kind of reminded me of serving and reciting at mom and dad’s dinner group dinners. Only this is so much more fun, spontaneous and clever.

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