the elsa made me do it

the elsa made me do it

“Well Elsa wanted to . . . .”

“Elsa was doing it . . . .”

“Elsa decided . . . .”

Too many of my interactions with Oliver these days start with him passing the buck to his little sister.

Yes, I’m sure Elsa did want to go outside, but that does not mean that you need to open the door for her.

Of course Elsa was making a huge mess, but that does not mean that you need to help her make it.


Especially when she generally decides to do whatever is the messiest/most dangerous option.

It is pretty hilarious to see the traditional, “Don’t look at me! She made me do it!” reprised so sincerely, as if he were the first to think of it, by Oliver in his cute little mouse voice. If it weren’t also so frustrating, and if he didn’t fall back on it so often, I might be able to laugh it off. But as it is, it has real consequences, both dangerous and messy, and so I will continue to remind him that he knows better than to follow Elsa until the two of them are old enough to explicitly conspire to drive me crazy, at which point they are going to be locked in separate rooms until . . . well, I don’t really know how long. Until whenever.

2 thoughts on “the elsa made me do it

  1. Every single picture of Elsa I see just kills me with its cuteness. Seriously. I think that’s her super power, which is saying a lot, since she obviously wields great power over her older brother to make him do her bidding. 😉

  2. Sibling pressure. Not something we’ve encountered yet. Your kids are just so darn cute! I’m sure it’s tricky business not to laugh it off when Oliver says what he says. Sounds like Elsa may end up being the leader of the pack… A role she plays well.

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