party on, Oliver!

party on, Oliver!

Okay, so perhaps the best moment of Oliver’s birthday party was the prayer. Oliver likes to pray, so once we had a critical mass of guests and felt like we could get the party started, we asked him to offer a prayer. He did, and if I am not mistaken, the one thing he asked for was, “That all the presents that I’m going to open will be the presents that I really like.”

And that is this kid, in a nutshell.

The party itself went great. Our friends were very forgiving of the fact that we kinda sorta threw it all together the night before/morning of. (I sped home from Trader Joe’s on the bike hoping that if I caught the lights well enough I could get there by 11, which is when the party was scheduled to start. And once I got home, I still had to make the food. Oops.) The nacho bar was a hit. (Yes, all I had to do to prep the food was cut up some tomatoes and olives and make an easy cheese sauce. But still.) And the “parade” in which Oliver was going to publicly debut his cycling skills, was fun, but Oliver kinda sorta chickened out once he realized that he wasn’t going to be the fastest one there.

What can I say? . . . He’s my kid.

(We did manage to get him to go around the block as planned, after we explained that it wasn’t a race, it was just a parade, but he rode on his friend’s scooter and she rode his bike – with me lending my hands and back and legs to help her do it. Yes, I was sore the next day.)

As far as the presents. I know you are all dying to know if they were the presents that he really liked. He got a magic set – which was 200% appropriate, but which Simon immediately co-opted. And a couple of cars. A new pair of pajamas. A Cars diary with a key(!!!). A wooden car/art set so he can paint it himself. A Star Wars puzzle. A monster truck that makes a lot of noise and which Elsa would like to claim as her own if it weren’t actually Oliver’s favorite. And . . . hmmm. That’s all I can remember. But I assure you, they were all the presents he really liked. Every last one of them.

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