apples apples apples

apples apples apples

Apple butter. Apple fritters. Apple latkes. Apple sauce. Apple cake. Those are the things we made from the apples we picked at the New Jersey farm we went to a couple of weeks ago. We picked way more than we knew what to do with, but in the end, we wished there were more. After making all of those things and eating as many raw apples as we wanted, I still didn’t get to make an apple pie like I wanted to! Too bad. I suppose the fact that we ate an entire apple pie straight from the pie plate for lunch that day makes up for it.

But aside from the apples, there were lots of other fun things about the farm. Like the stacked hay bales for the kids to climb on. Oliver was nervous about it at first, but before to long he was crawling all over it like a little monkey.

And then there was the corn maze, which is what Micah was most excited about. We each took turns picking which way to go at the forks and we managed to see a whole lot of the corn field that way.

There was also the hayride to and from the apple trees, which was Oliver’s favorite part.

Simon claims that he really liked actually picking the apples, which I totally didn’t see coming. I thought for sure the maze would be the thing he wouldn’t stop talking about. But no, picking apples off the tree was more fun than anything else.

Elsa slept through most of it, thank goodness, although she and I did take a couple of selfies once she woke up, just to keep her entertained while she was contained in the carrier. She also enjoyed the apple we gave her to gnaw on as we filled our bags full of apples.

My favorite part was just getting out of the city and not borrowing a friend’s car to do it. For a long time now we’ve been trying to make peace with the fact that if we want to go places, we’re going to have to do a car share every now and then. And we did make peace with that fact, at least for one day. And that felt good (even if the accompanying carsickness did not).

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