simon’s first month

simon’s first month

The word, I believe, is thriving. The first two weeks may have been rough, but the kid has not had a bad word to say about school since then.

Too much homework? He wrote an entire 5-paragraph essay about why homework is better than no homework.

Too tired? He bounds out of the school wants to spend more time on the monkey bars, climbs the walls at home, and stays up late trying to perfect his snap.

At parent-teacher conferences this week, after the teacher spent the first several minutes telling us what a good worker he is and how well he sits and listens and how she couldn’t stop herself from giving him high marks even though she hates doing that so early in the year, she asked if we felt this was the right school for him.

Um . . . yes. I mean, YES!

That extra year at home, all that stress and worry and wonder about whether we were doing the right thing (not that we felt that we had another choice), the frustration and the tantrums and . . . all of it? Totally worth it. Totally worth it to see him so excited to get up in the morning and so happy when he comes home in the afternoon.

2 thoughts on “simon’s first month

  1. I dont think I knew about the five paragraph essay format until junior high. Seriously. He’s going to be rocking the college scene before he can drive a car, mark my words.

  2. I bet his teacher would take twenty more students just like him! I’d love to have been Simon’s teacher. :)

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