finally 4

finally 4

Does it seem to anyone else that Oliver has been 3 for, like, his whole life? I just can’t really remember a time when he wasn’t 3. Until today. Because today, he is 4!

There’s something really wonderful about putting together a special day for someone who has such simple expectations and gets so excited about the smallest things. When he woke up this morning he was so excited simply because it was October 21st.

He wanted to go for a run, so we did that. He wanted to help make the cake, so we did that. (I made the applesauce that went in the cake as well, from apples from the yet-to-be-documented/blogged apple picking excursion from last week and he got to finish off the applesauce I didn’t need, too.) He got to go to a friend’s house for a playdate/birthday party while I picked up Simon. And we had nachos for dinner. Could his day get any better?!

Yes. It could. Because he was also serenaded and he blew out birthday candles. He opened a couple of birthday gifts – one of which was VIOLET from The Incredibles to play on the Wii U. I could have died and gone to heaven just then, he was so happy, but there was still cake to eat. And then he got to play the Wii with his new character for a bit.

Lucky lucky boy.

I must say, it is supremely satisfying to be able to spend a day doing exactly what will make someone happy in that moment. But tomorrow is October 22nd, which is nothing special to anyone in this house and so our lives will go back to normal. (At least until Saturday, when Oliver’s real birthday party is going down – stay tuned for more on that!)

3 thoughts on “finally 4

  1. simple, yet well celebrated bdays for special folk like our little ones are definitely the best. he looks so happy blowing those candles out. happy 4th oliver!

  2. Oliver is looking good for someone with so many candles on his cake! 😉
    I’m glad he had an awesome day!

  3. I miss him! Oliver has got to be one of the sweetest little boys I know. A favorite memory for me will always be how attentive and caring he was to Lydia over the summer. Happy belated 4th little man!

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