my new buddy

my new buddy

Oliver is the oldest kid at home now that Simon is in school. He would be happy to tell you – or anyone – that fact if given the chance. It’s a big responsibility, being the oldest kid at home. He’s in charge of driving Mom crazy. He’s the one who needs to be sure Elsa is constantly terrorized. He leads the pack in deciding how late we are going to be getting out the door.

Thankfully, the boy takes his responsibilities seriously and does a masterful job at them.

No, but seriously, it’s been a mixed* blessing to have one-on-one time with Oliver. He is such a fun and hilarious kid. So thoughtful and deliberate and cheesy and dramatic. I’ve been getting a kick out of seeing, with fewer distractions, who he is.

The boy loves to talk and to tell me about everything that’s going through his head – whether it be that eyes see and noses smell and bums poop, or that we should call Dad “Mr. Funny” because he makes good jokes – which, as I’m sure you can tell, is always a riot.

Well. Almost always. I do get a little tired of hearing about Katara and Aang from Avatar. And the Incredibles playset on the Wii Infinity game. Just a little tired.

Still, I’ve been looking forward to having this time with Oliver for a long time. I think it is good for us to get to know each other a little better before he goes off to full-day kindergarten next year. Micah and I have been a little concerned about Oliver and his ability to focus long enough to get through the test he’s going to have to take to get into Simon’s school, but the more time I spend with this kid, the less concerned I am. He’s learning to read and is getting good at sounding words out. He asked me to read 4 chapters from “The Mouse and the Motorcycle” today and held me to it. And he’s beaten me fair and square at Memory. I’m pretty sure he’s going to be fine. Pretty sure.

Really, though, I’m a little bummed that Oliver and I only get one year to drive each other nuts before I have to send him off to kindergarten. I hope to make the most of it.

The photo is of Oliver with his racing car, Lilly, who has three guns. Two of the guns squirt pixie dust and the third squirts bullets.

*The only downside, aside from the fact that there is no one else to relieve me from the constant chatter, is that I no longer have much time to write during the day. I used to be able to sneak in an hour or so while the boys were playing together and Elsa was napping. Not any more, which has made this month feel a lot like I am barely scraping by. I’m hoping I’ll get a better grip on things before too long.

2 thoughts on “my new buddy

  1. I’m glad that Oliver knows that pixie dust is where it’s at. If a car can only have 3 guns, two of them need to be pixie dust. At least.

    Question: If Oliver does not get into Simon’s school (I know we don’t want to think about that, but if it happens), would one of you drop Simon off and the other Oliver at whatever school he goes to? Or are we going to cross that bridge (maybe literally) when the time comes and not worry about it now?

  2. I lOVE LOVE LOVE the thoughts that go through Oliver’s head! And the pixie dust makes me really happy. 😉

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