fire island

fire island

Everyone wants to go to Fire Island. At least they say they do. But for some reason, it seems like a place not a lot of people actually get to. Maybe it’s that you can’t take a car there. But since we don’t have a car anyway, it was pretty perfect for us. We reserved a camping spot for the weekend after Labor Day, the last weekend before school started. Because we were taking the train, we packed up a bunch of backpacks and a duffel bag and an insulated bag for food and walked the two blocks to the Long Island Rail Road station. From there we had two transfers, another two-block walk, and then a half-hour ferry ride before we were dropped on the most picturesque little island on this side of the country.

It was pretty much the perfect weekend with our little family. The kids had a lot of fun taking sand showers (throwing sand on themselves) and making sand angels. We flew a kite and made a sandcastle, took a couple of long nature walks, and saw a couple of foxes, some deer, rabbits, and a toad. Oh, and we dipped our feet in the freezing cold ocean. Just a bit.

As the last days of our summer slipped away – the last days before we became a part of the school-going crowd – we roasted marshmallows over a campstove and devoured sticky s’mores, then fell asleep in our tents to the sound of the ocean floating over the dunes.

Pretty perfect. I think we’ll do it again.

2 thoughts on “fire island

  1. Sweeet!!! Sounds like a perfect vacay to me, alright. Maybe it’s the thought of sticky s’mores…I dunno. lol

  2. Do you guys even realize how ridiculously awesome you are? Three kids, no car, and a ferry ride, all with your numerous bags of luggage. I can hardly walk to the park a mile away with just Milo. Seriously kudos to you.

    Also, that sandcastle/character is awesome.

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