Simon’s first week

Simon’s first week

The good news is this: Simon’s teacher says she never would have known he’d never been to school before if we hadn’t told her. Also, the commute seems do-able, both for Micah in the morning and me in the afternoon. And, thank heaven, Simon has not had any traumatic experiences. Yet. Except for maybe that we forgot his backpack/lunch on Friday (yes, it took us until the 5th day to make a major mistake) and I had to make an unplanned trip to the city to deliver it.

The not so good news is this: we’ve spent much of this weekend going over with him again and again why he has to go to school. We’ve told him it will get better. He’ll get used to the schedule. He’ll still get to play on the Wii U when he gets home. We’ll sit down with him and help him with his homework. But that hasn’t stopped him from tearing up at random moments at the thought of going back to school tomorrow.

I’m sure much of it is that he is tired. It’s a long day. He’s not used to having his day so fully scheduled. On Friday morning after he got ready, he went and laid down on his bed again because he was so tired. And his homework, sweet and simple as it is (“Draw the place where you do your homework. What do you to in that place? How does that place make you feel?”), is still work.

We want this to be as pleasant as possible for him, of course. We’re sure that in a few more weeks, when he’s adjusted to the schedule and his classmates are more familiar to him, it won’t be a big deal. But until then, we’ll have a special breakfast Monday morning so that getting out of bed is a little easier. And special dinner on Friday to celebrate his survival of another week. And maybe a little something special every day in between.

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  1. I’m trying to remember what my expectations for kindergarten were and if they measured up. I’m pretty sure I had a few rough moments of wanting to go home during my first week. Or month. Now that I’m really trying to remember I have only a few memories of my first year at school. Our Halloween party, one of my classmates trying to open a door, tracing the alphabet to learn how to write, stuff like that.
    I wonder if Simon will remember his first year of school. Do you remember anything?

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