Simon’s first day

Simon’s first day

I don’t have a lot of time to give you the whole run-down of the first day of school, so I’ll give the 2 minute version.


Simon wasn’t on the class list that went out Saturday morning, so we had to get that sorted out before school started. We’ve been told his teacher is the nicest and everybody wants their kid in her class, so we feel good about that. We liked what we saw in the 20 seconds we’ve had to observe, and she was holding Simon’s hand when we left, so that was reassuring.

The boy himself seemed to have a good day. He doesn’t remember anybody’s name, and he thought they did more kindergarten things than first grade things, but he did get a birthday invitation from one of his classmates for this Saturday!

We biked to and from today, which worked out fine. I’m a little tired from going over the bridge 4 times, but it’s totally do-able, in my opinion. Tomorrow Micah will take Simon on the train and I’ll pick him up on the bike. We’re hoping to get Micah a bike he can take Simon in on before too long, but that’s still a work in progress.

Let’s hope the rest of the week goes just as well . . . and that they get into more “first grade” things.

4 thoughts on “Simon’s first day

  1. that’s awesome that he’s already feeling ahead of the game on his first day at the most prestigious school around! you’ve taught him well. the commute back and forth sounds brutal – but i’m not really familiar with how far away everything is around you. hope he enjoys to continue learning and going to school! that is a constant battle with ahonui. *sigh* thanks for the example, simon…

  2. He looks like a teenager. Okay, maybe not, but he does look a lot older than I remember him. And he’s way more stylish that I think I will ever be. Well done Simon. Well done.

  3. I love this picture of Simon. I was showing him off to one of my good friends and she was said how cute he is and that she loves his hair. I would like to echo her statement. His hair and I would add smile, look might fine. So excited for him and this new adventure.

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