should have named her “Trouble”

should have named her “Trouble”

If we even look like we are going to open the door, Elsa runs toward it. If we don’t pin her down, she’ll walk all the way around the block. She’ll climb to the top of the stairs in our building (4 floors) if we let her. In fact, she’ll climb on couches, boxes, and most recently, the ladder up the boys bunk bed. Thankfully she’s only made it to the 2nd rung before she decides to climb through and land on the mattress rather than continue up.

She runs around with the boys like it’s no big thing and has no qualms about embedding her fingers in their hair. They are none to fond of that, though they still love chase her and tackle her and let her into the club.

She learned to push her table-mounted chair off of the table last week, which led to Micah doing some impromptu surgery on the table to keep it from happening again.

And the books! Oh the books. The poor, poor books. It looks like we’re going to have to steer clear of the library for a few months. We came home with a stack last week and before the next morning I already had three that needed to be taped back together. Our own book collection is suffering a similar fate. Shreds everywhere. It’s a messy, messy business.

I don’t know why this is all so surprising to me. Because she’s barely one? Because she’s a girl? Because I seem to have completely blanked this stage when the boys went through it? I don’t know. But let’s just say this girl is keeping us on our toes. It’s pretty exhausting to keep her safe and out of trouble.

On the other hand, it’s also so, so fun. I remember it being really fast that Oliver was able to play with Simon, and it seems even faster that it’s happened with Elsa. And now that she’s there, I’m hoping we can make it to her next birthday without any serious injury.

2 thoughts on “should have named her “Trouble”

  1. So funny. My initial thought was that she’s a girl and so… Not real sure where I was going with that, but maybe I am a little surprised that she’s so active. No, active’s the wrong word… Hmmm… Busy. Yes! And I love it. Sorry about the books! Why are they so fascinating to the little ones? I thought Lyds was tearing pages in a book yesterday when she was supposed to be napping. Come to find out her spitting noises sound an awful lot like pages ripping!

  2. Sounds like she knows what she wants and she goes for it. She’s going to be so cool when she’s in school. Everyone will want to be like that Elsa girl.

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