6 years

6 years

It’s been 6 years and we’re still here. For some reason every year that we’re able to stay in Brooklyn feels like a victory. Like we’re beating the odds. Like someone or something is trying to smoke us out.

Of course, that isn’t true. If we wanted to leave, we could. If we wanted to stay forever we could make up our minds to do that and make it happen.

But we’re in that in-between place. We love it here. We love the time that we’ve had here and all that we’re able to do and all that we’ve learned. Still, we’ve never thought we’d stay forever. Someday, we thought, we would want a yard and more space and even a house. As of right now, however, that is still a somewhat hazy vision. We don’t know where we would want to go. We don’t know what would persuade us that city life is worth leaving. It’s all so nebulous.

Part of me thinks that maybe we will just end up living here forever simply because we’ll never make up our minds to leave. And the other part imagines that tomorrow something could happen and we’d have a month to pack up all our belongings and re-settle.

So maybe that’s why every day of certainty, every day that we are able to wake up and say, “This is our home,” feels like a success. And it makes me want to dig in a little deeper just to have that security.

One thought on “6 years

  1. I love the pictures. And reading about your adventures. I wish that we didn’t live so far apart, but love that our kids know each other and about each other when they don’t get to see each other. You and Micah started out living the dream, and I believe you still are! Even with the uncertainty. I’m excited to see what happens next.

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